Deposites Schemes

JKV: Multi State Credit Co-operative Society LTD.

Recurring Scheme

This is the easiest way to accumulate asset in long time with little discipline
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JKV: Multi State Credit Co-operative Society LTD.

Fixed Deposit

A substantially large asset can be created with onetime investment
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JKV: Multi State Credit Co-operative Society LTD.

Daily Deposit

A small contribution daily can create fortune for you...
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JKV: Multi State Credit Co-operative Society LTD.

Monthly Income

This scheme is specially suited for someone who wishes to get monthly earning,...
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Co-operative Society

Co-operative Society is a legal entity, allowed by legislation, which permit a group of people as shareholder, to apply to the government for an independent organisation to be created, which can then focus on pursuing set objectives and empowered with legal rights which are usually only reserved for individuals such as to sue and be sued, own property hire employees or loan and borrow money.

The word Company is often mistakenly used to refer generically to any for-profit business. This promotes confusion and has led many jurisdictions to prefer and defer to the term Co-operation.


Many individuals with small funds adopt a written constitution (By-laws) as an agreement, where people are working to mutually agreed aims. When a group first forms, it is not a legal entity, but merely a gathering of individuals brought together to share an activity

or interest. As this is the case, the moment our Society starts to progress and begins to deal with finances or property or tries to raise money in the form of grants or loans, a Formal Statement Documenting decision-making process, responsibilities and rules for all taking part within the group activity is essential. This will also prevent individual members being exposed to potential risk if any for example, if the group runs into financial difficulties.

Therefore a written Constitution or ‘By-laws’ is important to make it a legal entity. A properly written rule gets Central governments nod, which paves ways for getting your entity legally registered. In basic terms, “By-laws” is a constitution i.e. a set of written rules or an agreement governing the aims of the Society, how it will be run and how the members will work together.

A written Constitution (By-laws) will lay the foundations for the structure of the Society and will allow it to develop within a concrete framework, ensuring that it stays on truck and continue to successfully achieve its aims.A written “By-laws” is of paramount importance because :

  • Without a written understanding, people may become confused and things may not get done.
  • It will act as a point of reference and help resolve any problem or controversy that may arise.
  • It reassures the public and funding bodies that the Society is properly run and that money is effectively managed.