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JKV: Credit Co-Operative Society LTD.

Recurring Scheme

This is the easiest way to accumulate asset in long time with little discipline
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JKV: Credit Co-Operative Society LTD.

Fixed Deposit

A substantially large asset can be created with onetime investment
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JKV: Credit Co-Operative Society LTD.

Daily Deposit

A small contribution daily can create fortune for you...
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JKV: Credit Co-Operative Society LTD.

Monthly Income

This scheme is specially suited for someone who wishes to get monthly earning,...
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JKV: Credit Co-Operative Society Ltd.
JKV: Credit Co-Operative Society LTD.

JKV Credit Co-operative Society is a Multi State Co-operative society registered with Ministry of Agriculture, Department of Co-operation . JKV Credit Co-operative Society strictly abides by the principles of Co-operation, the Multi State Co-operative Act, 2002 and its Rules.

JKV Credit Co-operative Society is formed by its founding members and is currently operational in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand. The society is backed with members from variety of backgrounds, community, social status and age groups, making it one of the most versatile organizations currently functional. The existing board and management of the society is backed with years of extensive management experience in the field of General Management, Finance, Retail and credit, thus bringing maximum value to the board room. The chief promoter of the society brings extraordinary leadership skills, keeping the board focused towards achieving the vision of the society.

The vision of JKV Credit Co-operative Society is “Public prosperity” by offering financial services to all groups of people and offering equal opportunity to all, to live an improved life by Financial Enablement and empowerment. The mission of the society is to create self sufficient sustainable ecosystem of members through co-operation.he society is to enable financial inclusion by providing affordable financial services to the under-privileged and socially excluded community, and inculcate the savings habit among the common man through innovative low cost financial products and services using co-operative principles, self-help and mutual aid.

The society is authorized by its laws to accept deposits from its members under different schemes, from Savings account to term deposits like Daily Deposit, Monthly Deposit and fixed Deposits. The deposit schemes are designed to deliver maximum value to its members, offering attractive rate of interest alongwith other benefits. The Society's rate of interest is among one the best rates offered in the industry in comparison to Nationalized/Co-operative Banks, Financial Institutions and other co-operative societies, making it the preferred choice of investment by members.

The deposits accepted by the society are mobilized by the means of loans to members, making it a profitable institution to enable further expansion and delivering value to its members. The society has loans available to all members for all sorts of purposes.

JKV Credit Co-operative Society is currently operating in 5 states. Would be help of thousand member advser specialized in sales and marketing, helping the members choose the best plans to invest depending upon their requirements.

The society operations are fully computerized using latest state-of-art technology for accurate and robust financial transactions.

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